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Posted by Don Aters on 02/01/02 - 11:11:58
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I think there is some validity to your idea.  First of all, unless it's a working crew shirt, I don't do commercial t-shirts, never have.  I think someonwe once gave me a Paul McCartney embroidery shirt and it was stolen and i have two Stones shirts that Bill Wyman gave me in The Poconos but..............point is, the video would be an ideal concept.
If nothing else, those on the west coast could conceivably tape shows here and those on the east coast and Europe could tape n theri selected regions.
Much like other taping concepts from The Dead, Allman Brothers, etc., albeit, all audio.  If the band will condone one chosen fan to document all the shows, it would culminate in a virtual library of performances.
That's why you are the thinker lady.........

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