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Posted by Cricket on 02/01/02 - 10:45:15
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A couple more ideas occurred to me about the project...  

For people who can't attend meetings on either U.S. coast, might there be a couple of other, reasonably central locations they could gather, go wild, & be hooked up live, either by phone or via internet access, so that they could participate in discussions?   Also, though it'd be scant consolation to receive a video of the band's performance in lieu of being there, it'd be a lot better than nothing!  (& I'll bet a rough one would be just fine.)

Next:  For the newsletter maybe, and then at some point a collection...

There's a wonderful, fat volume of short stories called "YOU'VE GOT TO READ THIS: Contemporary American Writers Introduce Stories That Held Them in Awe"  The editors (Ron Hansen & Jim Shepard) asked several writers each to contribute a couple of pages introducing a story they'd loved, speaking as personally as they wished about it: what stood out for them, what they learned, what we should pay careful attention to as we read...

I'd LOVE to have something like that from members of the band, M.C., crew, & A-Deck members... where you'd introduce a piece of music you love and talk about what you hear in it, what it's meant to you,  how we might listen to it -- of course I don't mean artsy bullshit talk, but the kind of introduction you'd give to a friend or a student you were about to play the piece for.  

(I can remember at age 19 running out to pick up what for me were totally obscure recordings -- e.g. music by Edgard Varese, Gil Evans -- because of comments Paul & Grace had made about them in  interviews.)  Not being a musician, maybe I feel more need for something like this than some others here might, but I'll bet many of us would enjoy being able to learn more from you & from each other in this way.  For me, this would be a much better perq than a t-shirt (& I love the shirts)!


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