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Posted by Tim Lucas on 01/31/02 - 14:38:29
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When GIMME SHELTER was first released on VHS (and laserdisc) by RCA Columbia in the early 1980s, both were in excellent stereo -- at least the Rolling Stones concert material was. I would have to listen to the JA sequence again over headphones to attest to whether this too was also in true stereo; it might have been, but I tend to doubt this, considering that the new DVD release went back to the original master tapes and do not represent JA in true stereo. As I said, since it was undertaken as a Stones documentary, it's possible that the filmmakers didn't have access or time to capture JA's performance in a proper 16 track format. When Abkco released GIMME SHELTER a few years ago on VHS, laserdisc and maybe DVD (I'm unaware of this), it was a crummy mono mix throughout. The new DVD really is worth having.

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