"We are all decendents of the Primordial Cookie Crumbs and the Cosmic Sombrero."

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Posted by Paul Honeycutt on 01/30/02 - 17:32:13
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Are you a Mago's Witness? It's a low budget religion that some friends and I started. The truth was revealed to us by the Shakey Licky Dog (The Living Prophet) and the Golden Tablets of Oswley. Be-aware of Dog. Dog is everywhere. Watch your step! (If the Mormans can have Joseph Smith, we can have the Licky Dog)
Mago is the name of the Ocean and the Universe. Pescedero Beach is the site of those revelations. Don't turn your back on Mago!
One of the four Mago laws is "If you don't believe, you don't exist." You exist therefore you believe. Whether you want to admit to that or not is your business. That makes us all Mago's Witnesses. The purpose of the church is to pervert others to recognizing that they are indeed, Mago's Witnesses.
Praise Dog!
We also have a New Years ritual involving reading fortune cookie fortunes on top of the arched bridge in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

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