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Posted by Ron S on 01/30/02 - 12:21:17
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Steve Winwood's first two albums, "Steve Winwood" (1977) and "Arc of a Diver" (1981) were excellent, in my opinion. The former still being quite in the Traffic vein. Though I greatly admire Winwood, I think Paul S's "We Built This City" analogy about his later 80's work is quite apropos.
Jim Capaldi's numerous solo albums are absolute gems, very much in the Traffic vein. Most are on CD, I recommend them highly. "Whale Meat Again" (1974) has two 7 minute plus masterpieces "Yellow Sun" and "Summer Is Fading". "Fierce Heart" (1983)(Van Morrison plays acoustic guitar on one cut) is another favorite of mine, but that one is not on CD to my knowledge. Jim has truly carried on the rich tradition of Traffic.
I see he has a brand new one out "Living On The Outside", (George Harrison appears on one cut) but so far it is only available in the UK.

Ron S

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