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Posted by Don Aters on 01/30/02 - 10:00:20
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I listen to them everyday, "Hole In My Sole", "Shanghai Noodle Factory", "John Barleycorn Is Dead", "Dear Mr. Fantasy" (co-written with Dave Mason).
To much internal confusion, Mason wanted to be a solo act (His version of All Along The Watchtowetr sold more than anyone;s), Chris wood would drink himself to death, Muffy became an integral part of some record company and Steve left twice, finally forming the short-lived Blind faith and one tour, circa, 1969 and then assorted solo and guest appearances.  He has a house in Nashville and an estate in London, duel citizenship and a travesty that both the band and he as a solo performer aren't in the Hall Of Fame.  I suspect he will be nominated soon and he is only 53, so........
all is well that ends well and you're right...........they should be on any list of 50 greatest bands.

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