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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/29/02 - 23:55:32
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During the later part of 1993, the Port of Oakland in Oakland, CA had an exhibit in the lobby windows of the Port of Oakland office building of Native African tribal dress and jewelry.  Some of the female mannequins were topless.  A female employee at the Port of Oakland filed a sexual harassment complaint against the Port of Oakland because she found the exhibit [offensive].  After the complaint was filed, the Port Commissioner ordered all female mannequins breast to be draped so that no breast would be exposed.  

I saw the exhibit prior to the female mannequins being draped.  The mannequins were the type that lacked facial definitions and resembled the female form in a very general way.  The native dress and jewelry were very impressive.  After the mannequins were draped the display wasn't very impressive and looked extremely bland.  

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