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Posted by carolyn on 01/29/02 - 15:40:45
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we didn't have tv for more than ten yrs.  great way to raise kids.  only recently aquired reception.  on sat nights we listen to music.  we keep the tv on and flip around the channels.  can't remember now what we were listening to when we had a + c on, but the combo was quite funny.

aside from "solitary man" - beautiful horns on that song, and "kentucky woman"  i was never much of a niel diamond fan.  just palatable to listen to while getting ready for school or trapped in the car while growing up in the sixties and your parents had control of the radio dial.  my husband is the niel diamond fan, silly boy!

when js is in town, we do our best to get babysitting.  the karma club, and the tin angel show, were not well attended to our suprise.  i didn't mind, it's like having them all to ourselves.  the annapolis show, was a very good turnout.  my cousin and her husband came witn us to that show.  but, usually when we ask people if they want to come along, they aren't interested.  but then again, i live in the boring suburbs.  it is a well educated middle/upper middle class area, but the people here are so dumb. and not much fun at all.

oh, and at the annapolis show, at the end, they had me up and dancing even though i had a 102 fever  that night.

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