Paul S. and nude statues

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Posted by Don Aters on 01/29/02 - 15:03:25
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That's probably as close to nude bodies as he gets unless it's his own.  Probably the cause for political decay in America, these fuckin republicans spend all their time masturbating and all the democrats are sleeping with everyone except their wives.
The Burns Sisters, i.e., really great folk singers, say it best, "Ain't no democrat, ain't no fuckin republican, there is only one real party........and that is freedom".
I wouldn't want to wish any bad luch on politicians in general but if they were to all die tomorrow, i think we could restore international harmony a great deal faster than they or other idiots like Jesse Jackson.  How quickly society forgets.  It's amazing to me that they finally want to prosecute the SLA members and justifiably so, Huey lewis died in prison, Bobby Seals is out giving lectures i think, Clever died far from his homeland and yet, Jackson is a minister.  Funny how often his face was so apprent with Black Panther Party members and all the riots and devastation in this country.
If you have a shaky background and nned a little redemption, just plead religious convictions.
Seems to work for most everyone.
I doubt i will go to any extremes with it, the govenring body would switch in terms of attitude and i would be torched in Salem as a heretic.  (although there were actually no burnings in Salem)
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