I don't mean to be unkind, but ...

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Posted by Mission Control on 01/29/02 - 15:00:24
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I'm not surprised you have your facts in disarray - anyone who would turn down the sound on Bud & Lou I must consider suspect.  Now, if it was one of their  bad, late career movies, I might not blame you ... if it was the old b&w tv show produced by Sidney Fields (who was also a supporting player), then shame on you.  FYI:  Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld based THEIR entire hit series on the old "Abbot & Costello Show."  I bet you didn'ty know that.

As for Neil Diamond - like Dylan, his voice has always been all affectation ... he could never sing, even when he could sing.  That - & the fact the he has written a ton of great songs, is why he will always seel oiut every show he plays.

As for Paul & Marty - not as successful at selling tickets as Neil Diamond perhaps ... but that's what happens when your music challenges the status quo ... " ... feed your head ...,"  "Up against the wall motherfucker ..." & so on.  Neil Diamond is the status quo.  When JS chose to dabble in that genre ("Red Octopus"), they sold better than Neil Diamond ... but Paul & Marty are explorers ... continuing to push the envelope of their own talent, viewed (at least in Paul's case) through the optic of current events.  

As for "not many people ... etc." - you are mistaken.  Occassionally, (as in post 911) some shows are not as well attended as one would like.  More often, especially in recent years, the biys have been selling well & selling out ... Phila., LA, NY, Detroit.

Next time, turn up the volume & listen to what Mr. Baciagalupe is telling you.

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