Have I got a babe for you!

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Posted by W7 on 01/29/02 - 13:48:28
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Kevin, I know just the girl, she's all you want and more.  First you don't have to worry about emasculation issues, she has more balls than a chinese checkers set.   Her little  pink and blue ones are especially cute.    She's thin, stays that way by never eating, cheap date with no expensive meals to buy her.  Lame in one leg but still can do a great trick on a trapeze.  Married multiple times
never her fault, fashionable:baggie is in,no teeth,
sensitive versm,thnks she's a viking. NJ mobster family,yr state,  you missed the university I was sending: The V. Mary finishing school for social missions.  Owns a home, like a prison, surrounded by barbed wire and lotsa baggage.  Her voice?
Why honey would drip from her tongue, along with everything else she's licked off of the sidewalk.
She's been my date that keeps returning, but since she fits you to a T, She's YOURS!

By the way, I'm contributing to a new charity to help pay for the counseling for exlovers of abusive psychotics.  How much will you give?  If you ignore or give another smart mouthed answer I'll just write ZERO next to your name.  But don't feel you
have to have a conscience and contribute anything for the good, I understand.

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