Dick Tracy says all citizens should report incidents of the bizarre

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Posted by W7 on 01/29/02 - 12:49:15
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so I'm reporting Pat Robertson to Paul Kantner.  I was crusin the stations and stopped to listen to religious chitchat, as I sometimes do.  Pat Roberston has somehow gotten the idea that God does not want anyone to be medicated, not even an Excedrine for a headache. (This is no lie).  Since I don't pretend to speak for God, like so many people in this world do, there will be no one to tell him "Need it? Take it!"  Wouldn't it be diabolical if God then made Pat pay for his sins
(in his philosophical terms and not mine) by giving him multiple migraines.  But we both know there is no "telepathic communicator" who listens to everything we think, who could be that mean!

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