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Posted by Liz on 01/29/02 - 11:58:07
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First Anniversary......

this place is a meeting of minds, is it also a marriage of minds?????

(sometimes we discuss things as though we WERE all married...)

hallmark site states that traditional first year gifts are to be of paper....

and tonight I start pouring my plaster editions of
"Our Lady of Flight"
and folding paper airplanes for Her to cast forth into the universe....

Such Perfect Timing!!   Ten Thousand CHEERS!!!!!

And Note:  Although it took me a while to find the perfect propeller for Her hat
I finally settled on the props from a Douglas A-20J Havoc...

hmmm.... Havoc:
1. wide and general destruction
2. great confusion < several small children can create ~ in a house......
Well, she is OUR Sacred Lady...  what else COULD She wear????     Liz

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