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Posted by Cricket on 01/29/02 - 11:30:32
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Mornin', da --

Maya Angelou may raise Hallmark up a few notches.
Thank you...

You also reminded me of a potentially grave danger I noticed the other day & thought to warn fellow shipmates about.

Alternate heading: What a difference a keystroke can make...

I was haunting the B.B. King calendar page, checking to see whether they'd yet posted a JS show for 4/17.  As I scrolled through, I noted that if a person ordering tickets were to make a mistake and type in a "3" instead of a "4", that person could end up with a ticket to see...


Please, everyone, be very, very careful...

p.s.  A human at BB's said the JS date still was unconfirmed & to check this week.


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