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Posted by Cricket on 01/28/02 - 23:20:41
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Sorry about the winter cold, Dave.  Thanks, M.C. & Chris for the details.

p.s.  I just noticed that THE MACHINE's coming to the Sweetwater (Mill Valley, CA) -- 2/25, if my short-term memory's working.  

Have to say I'm MORE excited about hearing the Blue Floyd BeatleJam CD's.  So far, I've heard only the 3-CD BF Wetlands Preserve shows -- but in the week since they arrived, I'll bet I've heard them all at least 10 times.  They went EVERYWHERE with me last week.  Awesome playing by all, & my first intro to Johnny Neel's singing -- WOW! -- I wanted to bark right along on SEAMUS!

Let us know when those BJ CD's are out of the oven, OK?


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