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Posted by Mission Control on 01/28/02 - 19:20:34
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... did not die of a heroin overdose.  With no disrespect to you Don, it is not productive to runinate over the details of personal tragedy.

Allen was a terrific person, great musician and thoroughly enjoyabke comrade in arms.  I was fortunate in having become very close with him in the year 2000 ... we spoke nearly every day ... & spent a several enjoyable months on the road together.

Prior to his death, he was preparing to debut as bassist for Jefferson Starship in Huntsville, AL, Sept. 2000.  He loved the music of The Airplane & was greatly influenced by Jack Casady, who appears
on Mule's current release.

Allen's spirit was positive, hopeful, playful ... he lived to play music ... but unfortunately ... his time here was too brief.  'Nuff said ...

"We who must remain,
go on laughing just the same."
                  "My Man" - Bernie Leadon 1974

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