Beatlejam at the Keswick

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Posted by Chris Hager on 01/28/02 - 18:25:22
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I caught Beatlejam at the Keswick Friday a week ago, and I want to thank Mission Control and all involved, including Vince Welnick, Slick Aguilar for his powerful yet sensitive playing, and the rest of Blue Floyd and The Machine (and Michael Eisenstein!) for one of the more delightful musical evenings I have spent in many a moon!  The contrast between the Machine's more or less note for note renditions (plus solos) and Blue Floyd's improvisations added to the enjoyment, and both bands and Mr. Welnick turned in stellar  performances.  I have to tell you folks, Blue Floyd's Eleanor Rigby, performed to the riff from the Grateful Dead's The Other One, must be heard to be believed.  Thanks again, guys.  Come back, and I'll bring a crowd of people with me.  Chris Hager

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