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Posted by Don Aters on 01/28/02 - 18:20:58
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As in "Relix' Magazine and The Toni brown band.
The only reason anyone like TC ever played with her is because of exposure in relix and Relix records was the distributor of their CD's.  Les Kippel is her husband.  One year, Jefferson Starship played a lengthy set on the Sunday, i.e., closing act.  Afterwards Michael (Cloeren, Events Director and my friend) were walking to his car and going home.  Les walked up and said,"Well, still pretty good ween't they but I think after two days and all the bands, Toni was the best."
I couldn't fuckin' stop laughing and said, "Are you on crack?"
One guy in her band is okay but a better poster artist (Gary Kroman) but generally speaking, if they were allowed to carry the instruments of Jefferson Starship, Levon helm, Govt. Mule or anyone of that ilk, i would consider it a moral victory.  Listening to Toni sing is like watching the news about Ben Ladin. Those fuckin' mantras have been done as a cover tune by her and the band.
The over-populated jails that are looking for an alternative penalty should mandate watching her for an hour.  i guarantee they would never drink in excess again.

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