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Posted by Don Aters on 01/28/02 - 17:41:18
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Hw was one of the good guys and some funny stories i will share with you later about The Poconos.  He ODed on heroin or so the story goes.
I picked them up in The Poconos and Allen already knew about Toni brown signing the guitars i had for auction in Louisville, for Children's Hospital.
She thought she was some raging "Rock' Queen and after i found out she signed them (with a grease pen fortunately and not a marker) I got a napkin and water and scrubbed them off.  She entered the room and ask what i was doing.  Duh..........if i wanted a signed guitar by "The Twinkie Queen" i would have asked but somehow the story was all over the venue.  pretty funny and when i picked them up Allen just started laughing and asked, "So Don, what's the story on the guitars and should we sign them or are you going to erase the signatures?"
Anyway, i have hundreds of great images of right by the computer signed to me, although, he had a difficult time spelling "pix".  

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