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Posted by Don Aters on 01/28/02 - 11:37:27
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Hey lady.............. it's a wonderful concept and if anyone can appreciate the value of universal acceptance, i think it would be me but, bigots are not converted over a period of time.  most are products of their environment and for those who think that opression and racial hatred ended long ago, think again.  The only difference is the media, sensationalism over aids, the govt., a proposed war takes precedence over an old wound that continues to bleed.  make no mistake, i know a zillion jokes dealing with racism and blacks but, they know as many about caucasions.
All said, i would be just as prone to be nice to any ethnic person as i would anyone else.
As for the horse comment,
I think that's where the proverb comes into play: "Beware the pale horse, for his rider is "death".
In terms of this site and for me in general, if you can't get along...........move along.
Peace and hugs

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