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Posted by Don Aters on 01/28/02 - 11:12:33
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The Blue Floyd was an idea inspired by Allen Woody & Matt Abts of Govt Mule (Allen also spent 9 years with The Allman brothers. In was inclusive of members from The Black Crows and Neel, the keyboardist that has some experience with The Allmans and others as well.  initially, it was something to do between gigs of Govt' Mule but if conflicting, Dwayne betts, son of Dickey betts and Barry Oakley Jr., son of ABB original bass player would assume those positions.  After Allen's tragic death in August, 2000, the band seemed to come to a virtual stand still but, Matt thought the culmination of various members and subsequent skills would allow then to continue.   The beatles project is much like the "Floyd" connetations and only selected musicians with extraordinary skills are utilized in this presentation.  I've seen three of the configurations and they are far better than one could imagine, albeit, I went the first time because of Allen.  Haven't seen The Beatles presentation but "Slick" was chosen because of his diverse and accelerated skills.  
I doubt that helps any but all the tunes were originally done with some trace of "blues' in the delivery, hence the name "Blue Floyd".
This probably isn't much help.................sorry, can't truly explain unless you see them.
Peace and hugs

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