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Posted by Buck on 01/28/02 - 09:49:03
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I put together a web site a couple years ago called "Frontiers of Light" with the intention of starting a dialogue on creating the foundation on which to build a social collective that could endure space travel and habitation in the small confines of a Starship. All aspects of such an ebarkation are intended to be covered as well -space craft technology, life support, food production, waste recycling, social institutions, etc...

Frontiers Of Light is a web site that has numerous links, "The Ring Of Fire" from which, if all the information was gathered and used, could quite possibily serve as a technical data base, as well as some links that explore the social aspect of a human collective habitat in space. FOL is also an e-mail list, with the intention that people would discuss the various aspects in such an endeavor. There are over 50 members, but discussions are sporadic.

The FOL e-mail list is also a sort of "sign up" list of folks interested in being part of this collective. Here's the link to the web site:


I hope that some folks who are interested in being an active part of the discussion would join, as I am rather hesitant to be the "supreme supplier of threads". It would turn it into more of my own site, and I'm striving for a list that will take on it's own "life", so to say. If anything, please do visit the site, and sign the guestbook.

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