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Posted by Dave L. on 01/28/02 - 08:33:14
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Slick Aguilar's band (Slick & Friends?) are still playing for free every Saturday night at Donovan's Reef in Sea Bright NJ. Saturday's (1/26) show was spectacular. Three 60 min sets, no cover charge, cold beer on tap and friendly people. Plus, we're taping each set on cassette and DAT. Showtime is from 6 to 10:30 PM. No food there, so you may want to eat before. Slick really rocks at these gigs. The other 3 guys compliment him well. Lots of long jams full of Slick solos. When no JS tour, these gigs will continue thru the Spring & Summer. The time to go is now before the Summer crowd and the Sea Bright DWI-checkpoint cops return.

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