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Posted by Adrian on 01/27/02 - 22:47:21
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I've just been thinking about what was said concerning the intended arrangements for paying the much-disputed $100.

IIRC, mention was made of posting details of the payment method here for all to see. One thing that does trouble me a little is that if this is done and it's a case of "first come, first served", there's a possibility of a sudden rush of people signing up after seeing the message. If this were to happen, there's a possibility that people who only visit the message board on rare occasions see the details, sign up on the spot and in the process possible shut out people who visit regularly and have had their "pledge" in since the first announcement.

I know this may well be an unfounded fear, but surely it's only fair that those who've sent in the e-mails and pre-registered their interest should have first priority for the actual sign-up (possibly via a direct e-mail sent out a day before the details are posted here?). I know you may already have thought of this, but I figured I'd better mention it just in case....


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