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Posted by Don Aters on 01/26/02 - 17:50:38
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Van halen, Deep Purple, Ozzy
Buddy Holly is an American Institution, The Beatlers immulated him more than anyone else and "rock -a- billy" music was formend through he and The Crickets, i.e., Waylon Jennings.
Van Morrison is in The hall Of Fame, and Astral Weeks remains as one of the top 100 relases of all time.  Joplin speaks for herself, the estate generates millions every year, 31 years after her demise.
i love Deep Purple, but "Hush", was a cover tune and they ceertainly aren't more significant than any of the three mentioned.
Van halen will go into the Hall of Fame, as will Deep Purple, but anyone who thinks that people are going to a concert by the band is going for any other reason than Eddie, is an idiot.
Michael Anthony should send him flowers everyday for making a mediocre bass player a millionaire.  I thought whwen hagar came, he would bring Bill Church as well but it never happened.
To bad.  Ozzy will never have the impact that Holly, Morrison or Joplin had on mainstreaM MUSIC AND THE BEST ARGUMENT IS.................HE WHO MAKES THE MOST MONEY.  THOSE PEOPLE, I.E., ESTATES MAKE A HELL OF A LOT MORE MONEY THAN RELEASES BY bLACK SABBATH.

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