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Posted by Eth/Ray on 01/26/02 - 11:13:11
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Last time we saw Dylan was summer 2000-Concord
Pavilion.  MUCH as we love Dylan, and perhaps it's the venues (also San Jose Arena, earlier),
we have some Problems with his live electric sound management.  In San Jose, from our seats,
the electric sound seemed ROTTEN, muddy with heavy base--in Concord better but still bad mix-and extra loud to the irritation point.

Especially upsetting because you could tell he was giving a GREAT performance each time.  Other reports from san Jose were glowing---so it may be the unlucky position of one's seat in the arena.
We're not inclined to visit the San Jose Arena again.

When we saw him at the Berkeley C. TH. the show
had fantastic sound and was total enjoyment!!!

But tix are SO high!  

You can snag So Many Roads off for $60.
Fun chatting....Eth/Ray

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