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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/26/02 - 07:25:03
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Some of the artist on that Top 50 list do not belong on there.  But sorry Don, some of your picks as alternates are really too biased to even be considered.  There were a few alternates that could be argued to be on that list.  But overall, it comes back to the solid fact, your too limited in your musical taste to understand why certain acts should and have been included.  

The Eagles were good and I don't believe they belong in any top 50 list.  Lets face it their success in the 70's, as well as Jimmy Buffet, Steely Dan and countless others owe the success of their careers to one man, and one man alone, Irving Azoff and Front Line Management.  Not only did Azoff dominate music but he was also one of the strongest influences to bring rock into mainstream movie soundtracks.  He didn't have his hand in Grease or Sat Night Fever.  But he did give us Urban Cowboy where he proved he was not just a mover and shaker, but an industry earthquake to be dealt with.  

NWA doesn't belong on that list.  Their claim to fame was over the controversy of one song, Cop Killer.  What I saw absent on that list was Sugar Hill.  The first rap group to really have a mainstream crossover hit into the disco scene and introduced white people to rap for the first time.  They are too important to pass by.

Are you serious about the Dinosaurs?  They were good and outside of the readers of Relix Magazine in the 80's, no one ever heard of them.  There one and only CD, what did it sell, 20,000 units at most?  That choice is a red flag saying you have limited knowledge of 20th century music.  The Smiths are debatable.

I would keep Kraftwerk in the top 50 but exclude ELP.  

Fugazi, Pretenders, Pretty Things, Fela Kuti, Bad Brains, New Order, Husker Du, Outkast, Massive Attack, Korn, Humble Pie, Status Quo, Pavement, Dave Matthew's, Marianne Faithful, Radiohead, ACDC, The Byrds, DMC, and Flash simply do not qualify.

Van Morrison belongs on the top 50!  

I would keep KISS and RAGE in the Top 50.

Yes, Parliament belongs in the Top 50.  And Red Hot Chili Peppers is on the borderline of being in the top 50.  Do you know why?

Yes, I would keep Guns & Roses on the Top 50.  You really need to go back and listen to that band and hear what they are saying.  They had a lot to say in the 80's and early 90's.  Granted their Spaghetti Western was weak.  Even the Stones had a few weak albums.  

I listen to Hip Hop, Rap, Industrial, Gothic so I can keep a pulse of what younger people are thinking.  A lot of it is something I do not want to listen to on a regular basis.  Those artist have a lot to say.  Most people a they get don't accept change because they like being in comfort zones.  

No offense Don, but your too biased to be objective ...

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