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Posted by Kb on 01/26/02 - 06:03:49
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whatsup kids..
no i LIKE the series Dicks Picks..and knew dick!
i got 6 or so of them given to me along the way.

what i said was, about LOOKING FORWARD to a CD
the standard dead stuff can be had very easily
my friends did the sound..and have EVERY show
on DAT..i am just partial to bob dylan..thats all,
and to that one fantastic rehersal @ front street
i worked for billy then and was preparing to take
him and brent on the road as a band called GoAhead

worked VERY slowly one day in the way background
as they rehersed maggies farm and others in a way
that was not to be repeated..ever, on or off stage

the dead was super jazzed to be playing with bob
things got totally strange..much later on
Dylan was a total pasty mess on the tour..[getit?]
the dead and he barely spoke it seems to me
GD were paying for everything..UltraSound, lights
trucking..crews..dylan got half of the gate...
with no band to pay ether..no production expences
stupid fights over money...
lightyears from the rehersals in so many ways
the MUSIC got worse as it want allong...REALLY!
do you have to CD from that tour?
my memory of it is that it is bland..will listen

as far as so many roads..looks good..
billys kids made me a cassette of the rare stuff.
NEVER listen to any cassettes anymore it seems,
may have to BUY it thought..saw it for $99 too

did you guys see dylan on his last run in SF?
see you soon,

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