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Posted by Pter Jolson on 01/26/02 - 03:34:19
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{First of all, the greatest bands are those that transcend the decades and Nirvans[sic] had three releases, not exactly Hall Of Fame credentials.}

Actually, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Big Brother and the Holding Company (the Janis Yeaars) had similarly short careers, and I'm sure no one would begrudge them a spot in R'n'R Valhalla. Nirvana were easily the most influential and important band of the past decade.

{1.The beatles...obvious, 100 years from now, if only three musical connetations from the past century could be used, they would be, The beatles, Dylan and presley, no exceptions.}

Brilliant all, along with Frank Sinatra, Billy Holiday, Edith Piaf, and Hank Williams - however, only the Beatles were a *group*, and that's the point of SPIN's little exercise (exorcise?)

{2.ramones-not.....Jefferson Airplane/Starship}

Ramones - yes, but certainly not #2 (but not YES, as in the pretentious space-twaddlers) - JA is in the pantheon of importance, greatness et al, but NOT number two on the list - I mean Beatles, JA? C'mon

Oh, fuck - it's late, and this'll take me all night if I respond to everything....

just a couple of responses to aggregious errors and glowing points (to *my* eye, naturally) on your list, and then off to my own (errors and points, that is):

1. The original Black Sabbath were together from 1969 'til about 1978 or so...

2. James Taylor Was better as an actor in "Two Lane Black Top" than anything he put out as a musician.

3. Phil Lesh and Friends are, in fact, one of the best live acts on the road today, possibly better than The Grateful Dead were from the late Seventies on (I'm gonna catch it for that statement, but it teeters on a fine line between opinion and fact).

4. Kiss do, in fact, suck, but they're hands down better than Heart.

5. "Patti Smith...no way...Marianne Faithful" sorta pissed me off, I have to be honest...and I *like* Marianne Faithful. I'm Telling you, it's really fucked up. but out of twenty three years of seeing loads and loads of rock and roll bands, I literally reached a drugless state of ecstatic transportation at a Patti Smith Group show last spring - where else can one hear spoken poetry by Blake, Rimbaud (and Patti), hear an acoustic version of "I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry," and then hear Holly's "Not Fade Away/the Stone's "The Last Time," and her brilliantly hard-rocking statement of artistic outsider-ship "Rock and Roll Nigger" only to conclude with a solo rendition of "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" accompanied by a music-box?

6. A quick admission: I loved Pink Floyd, I have most of their stuff, I still recognize their importance, but if I never hear them again (Syd Barrett aside) It'll be too soon, and The Wall (record and film) bore the ever-loving shit out of me...

...damnit, it's 3:15, and I'm going to bed. Here's a quick "Great BAND" list, just off the top of my head:

No order....

The Rolling Stones
The Beach Boys
The Beatles
The Clash
Grateful Dead
Jefferson Airplane
Little Feat
The Allman Brothers Band
Firesign Theatre (hey, no one said we were sticking to music)
The Who
Talking Heads
Ornette Coleman Double Quartet (or was it a double quintet? Lotta people...)
John Coltrane with Elvin Jones McCoy Tyner Eric Dolphy...and...um.....next:
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band
Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels
The Band
Buffalo Springfield
Velvet Underground
Iggy and the Stooges
The Byrds - but particularly the Clarence White era
Eric Burdon and the Animals
The New York Dolls (who actually sort of sucked, but they brought suckiness to an art form)
Patti Smith Group
The Ramones
Led Zeppelin (whom one can't deny as one of the great bands, but I'd rather listen to QMS - who *don't* make the list of great bands, and will have to instead make the list of great guitarists - as will Santana, who, lets face it, stopped being a Band in 1973, when they became a band.
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bruce Springsteen and The E-Street Band (most assuredly a Band, as a cursory look at the ne Live in NYC DVD will reveal)

Oh the hell with it. I love every obscure garage rock gem on every "Nuggets" compilation that's ever come out more than anything I just listed, anyway, and I ain't gonna start listing The Shadows of Knight, The Blues Magoos, The Standells, & Mouse and the Traps at *this* late hour...


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