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Posted by Pter Jolson on 01/25/02 - 20:51:06
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The line up, according to the promoter's site:

                    PAUL KANTNER,
                  MARTY BALIN, Prarie
                   Prince, Slick Aguilar,
                  Diana Mangano, Chris
                          Smith far as certain show particulars go, I have a couple of questions:

Will this be a full performance of Surrealistic Pillow as the Paramount's site implies?

Will it be a full electric band show, or more of an acoustic sort of thing?

Will there be any sort of signing/autograph etc. meet'n'greet afterwards?

I ask partially out of curiosity, and also because the more info that's available, the more the fence-sitters I know will put crow bars in their wallets and spring for tix....

...Also, and this is purely for my own curiosity, are thnere more JS shows scheduled for the east coast, or is this a sort of one-shot deal? The Paramount seems to come up with that sort of thing from time to time, witness last springs Mickey Hart Planet Drum/Baba Olatunji two-day Middletown-only drum extravaganza....

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