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Posted by Pter Jolson on 01/25/02 - 20:38:28
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Finally, some info on the Paramounts website - seems there are three ticket prices after all (the Paramount only mentioned two to me by phone):

                February 16 at 7:30pm
                                                               Jefferson Starship
                                                 Commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the album
                                                                "Surrealistic Pillow"
                                                   White Rabbit, "Somebody to Love", & Miracles
                                                         With Paul Kantner and Marty Balin
                                                              Special Guests: The Brats

                                                        Tickets: Orchestra Level $40 and $35
                                                                    Balcony $33

                                                        A 97 Oldies & LocoLobo Production
                                               Sponsored by Country Chevy Olds, Warwick, New York

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