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Posted by W7 on 01/25/02 - 19:54:39
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This morning I got the best surprise.  When I went out to get the newspaper  ":The Daily Disaster" there was a box with the most gorgeous piece of
Asian Art inside.  A gold and rosewood chinese checkers set with carved dragons and precious gemstones as playing pieces.  And all I did was mention that I liked it to my newest friend "El" and there it was delivered right to my door.  So I want to share how we became friends.  I was at South Coast shopping and at the same time on my cell solving someone's problem and I'm saying "I was wrong about the way to proceed".  And I hear this deep raucous laugh with just a touch of badness that immediately gets my attention.  It's "EL" and she says  "YOU are admitting that you are wrong?  But you are never wrong!" and laughs deeply.  Soon everyone in the store is laughing including me.  I attempted some weak defense saying "Well sometimes..." but as if its a fact of nature that I'm always right.  I guess people's impressions of me are sometimes not the reality.  The most important thing to me is that we have stayed friends ever since.

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