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Posted by A Cheeky Chirper on 01/25/02 - 01:06:39
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For at least 10 minutes I tried to resist doing this.  However...

Permit me to quote from M.C.'s 1/22 post announcing the formation of the Society:

"Dear Shipmates:
     In Frank Herbert's fine 1966 novel "Destination Void," humans are transported to the stars aboard a spacecraft that manifests artificial intelligence over the many generations that encompass the journey.  'SHIP' as it comes to be known, embodies environment, science & religion for the fragile beings that inhabit its bulkheads.  Our rock band JEFFERSON STARSHIP bears a striking resemblance..."

I'm going to repeat that last line, because, well, you'll soon see:

"Our rock band JEFFERSON STARSHIP bears a striking resemblance..."


I have before me a fine copy of "Destination Void."  Let me share with you the first paragraph on the back dust jacket:

"They were headed toward a planet circling the far distant Tau Ceti -- a ripe Eden world waiting to be plucked for the future of the human race.  But three-fourths of the way through the Solar System, their ship failed: its propelling engines, three all powerful human brains had suddenly, quite inexplicably gone mad."

-- So is this why we need at least 5?

As a public service to my fellow shipmates, I hereby volunteer to read the entire book and report back: forewarned is forearmed, right?  

For instance, here's the last paragraph on the dust jacket:

"But would there be enough time before they plunged into oblivion -- for they were working with limited resources, under unbearable pressure...and against impossible odds."

Hey, sign us right up!

Boy is someone gonna think twice next time before saying he didn't get a careful reading!

[ Unless y'all haven't drawn up the list yet, in which case maybe I oughtta wait a couple more days...]

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