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Posted by W7 on 01/24/02 - 16:33:52
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With all the excitment of the Society you would think that I would have forgotten the temptation I am fighting to take a couple of cheap shots at one guy on this site!  But now if I risk being "uncool" I might offend the Society!  To show how bad my art is deteriorating, to the disappointment of the chefs, I will not be posting my Valentine recipe for W's (from scratch) chocolate cake because I never "Hershey kiss and tell".  You see what I mean?  This is getting desperate!  So I am conflicted and you could help.  Why do we have these Browser/computer numbers showing.  I am a very honest person but occasionally I like to create some character and let them live.  They might as well be wearing a sign that says "Hi I'm W7".  Then the board will confuse my personal history with my characters history (remember the Ethel incident, which was totally my fault, but shows how confusion can take control).  I will share this true story to show why I think as we move into phase two of the Board that you should remove these numbers.  After 33 years of education
I'm blessed to say that I have had many wonderful teachers. And One worse in the world!  I handled it alot different than Mahatma Goombah (by the way would the real Mahatma ever insult any teacher?  Even the bad ones usually only need a "tweaking".
Kinda like a record (remember those?) when you have had too much tea and you are trying to find the groove, but the needle is all over the surface, then suddenly falls right into place and out comes the best song).  But  this graduate professor was the worst I ever encountered.  So I began to prepare a masquerade!  I took over a week to make the wig alone (he was almost bald) as I hand glued each hair into place- hunting up the right clothes, shoes, eyeglasses.  The mannerisms, speech patterns,cough and walk.  Then the makeup.  When I arrived in the parking lot the students said " Hi, Professor X" (not his real initial! I would not post his real letter because I hate it when that other guy steals my initial.  Accept only the real and verifiable W and no cheap imitations) but I wasn't sure I had it down until the office secretary said "Good afternoon, Professor X" and I mumbled a terse reply and coughed. Then I walked into the classroom and proceeded to break every rule of good  teaching, just as he did.  This was for a "Teaching as Performance Art" class.  The next day it was all over the University what I had done but no one was really able to be sure, and that is the problem on the board, that's the inner conflict.  I want the board to know me, and some of my history, but I want to be able to create and not have the audience get confused like thinking political when I mean social.  Why don't you remove those computer numbers from the posts?  What purpose do they serve anyway?  I realize that there are some cases when it may be necessary to be a Mission Control Freak (Like the time you told me not to use the board like a dating service after you allowed others to make appointments to meet regularly.  Oh by the way, don't tell me who I can ask for a date, or when or how) and check some secret file for everyone's ID number-but I am against this concept.  I understand public verses private, hell, I have had to sell my home and move to a new city to avoid the abuse of one particular web poster.  But tagging a starshipper with a travel number is against group policy.  Down with
"Bow Wow" numbers! I say we should remove them from the board, comments?

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