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Posted by W7 on 01/24/02 - 14:52:34
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I am not Kevin in reality or personality.  I wanted to keep W7 as my web name and other characters seperate so that this confusion would not happen.
Unfortunately you messed this up (I am not holding grudges cause I'm not like that; it has to be a major thing) and really you would know much more about my personal history if not for that opening mixup.  I am talking about using those numbers to uncover my characters and pointing out that they were the same person.  So here I cheated a little but don't stop talking now.  If I was Kevin I would be pretty sick, I'm not even Kevin's projection of W7.  My post above that you liked is an honest me, so keep talking until we work this all out. The Board has been burning, that's Hollywood for you.
And your honesty I really like so don't give that up.  As for SEEING (boy did I have alternates on this last night!) you should not be able to know me, the anonymous it should stay.  After all you seem to be able to identify Goom and I cant, and what if I meet Kevin ( who actually I'm starting to worry about) and he can identify me and suddenly bad scene!   When someone is insensitive to the feelings of others that usually means they will be that way with  me too.  And I don't have time for negative stuff.  Stay in touch here until you feel comfortable with W7 because this is a real person expressing real feelings.

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