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Posted by carolyn on 01/24/02 - 13:59:04
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you have to watch it with cipro, you'll probably be ok, especially in small doses, but ti can do perm damage to the cns.

biaxin $500, zith and augmentin -close to $400 ea, mepron $600, minocycline, flagyl, amoxil- inexpensive, suprax and ceftin - up there, but can't remember exactly, i.v. rocephin $1000 per week.

kaiser permanante is not a good place to go if you get lymed.  you do have lyme in calif. and a different strain of babesia than we have out east that most labs don't test for.  igenex lab in palo alto is an excellent lab, but the steere/shapiro side just tried t have it shut down.

the lyme epidemic has exceeded the polio epidemic of the 1950's. what you don't understand is that i am trying to tell you is that you are all in danger.  even if you do not get this, it is not a good thing for society. a small paragraph on the front page of the wall street journal, fri jan 18 reports that lyme cases have doubled since 1991.  actually, just slightly better reprting of cases.  none of my infections or my family members has been reported as far as i know, and i have documentation of several of the rashes.  my current l.l.m.d. showed me at my first appt that she could not put lyme as my diagnosis or she will be targeted.  not thrilled about that because i already have enough lies in my med records, i figured as long as i get strong axb.  but i have since brought all my documentation, and last visit notice she has added lyme as my dx.

imagine having an abnormal brain spect scan showing blood flow paterns/white matter of lyme encephalopathy and knowing prolonged i.v. abx treatment can reverse it, but insurence won't cooperate.  here is my rejection letter:

dear member,

a medical director has reviewed the available information pertaining to the request for a(n) additonal four (4) weeks iv rocephin therapy.  based on this review, the request has been denied because literature states there is no evedence that further treatment is of benifit.

gidion hill, m.d.
senior med director
patient care management.

you may request an appeal, which i did, but never heard back.  the people i know of who got better or had major improvement got months of i.v.'s

my favorite quote from nieman: "if it was lyme disease, she certainly has been treated and overtreated many times over for the problem and she and i agree that no further antibiotic therapy is in order."

i don't remember ever agreeing i did not need more abx.

i had only been treated once up until that point.  they started out conservatively w/orals, relized i was very sick with cns involvement, gave me the allen "mister lyme disease" max 6 wk i.v. therapy and then notheing.

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