I'm so disappointed that you won't be joining us ...

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Posted by Mission Control on 01/24/02 - 13:28:39
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... I was ready to nominate you "High Priest of Low Thinking."  I guess you've been hanging around A-Deck because Mickey's web presence is so compelling.  I dunno - do Mickey fans have a message board.  Does Mickey have ANY fans ... & I don't mean folks eatin' cotton candy at The State Fair ... or blue haired ladies at the casino.

I suppose Grateful Dead's ongoing, successful merchandising or $250 Rolling Stone tickets are an acceptable form of doing business, but the JS3C proposal isn't.

Look at it this way ... with all the money you save by NOT joining, you can go out & buy complete sets of CDs by Night Ranger & The Outfield & Mr. Mister.  I could never tell them apart from the band that recorded "Mannequin," anyway, but that's me.

Q: If JS is selling out, what was "We Built This City."
A:  The national anthem of selling out.

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