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Posted by Don Aters on 01/24/02 - 13:20:45
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I came here on a wing and a prayer about nine months ago, still steaming from an attempted fraud, and theft of three decades of negatives.  Seemed like more of a Mecva for my skills but one event after another since i got here but..........$100 does not constitute an exhorbitant amount of money.  I expect when I get back from this medical journey that I will be inclusive to the "500" Club.
Let's not turn this into another chapter of "Days of Our Lives", weither you're in or your out.
Connetations of Mickey Thomas won't help this proposal and i doubt that PK and Marty want to regress to "We Built This City", ..........get over it..........if you want MT, they have a cable station for The Partridge Family, go there and shut the fuck up.
It isn't a mandate and i doubt all will be on a first name basis with the band, but..........the music industry has suffered from greed for the last 25 years.  The eagles were the first to exceed $100 for a ticket and got.  Bitchin about it and then still attending is a bit annoying as is the bitchin here.  This is an obvious option of personal choice, my only concern being the selection of 5 board members.  How we select and a board for each continent makes it more feass=ible to me but........i don't make the rules.
So........I think the clarification from MC and PK is adequate and all the soap opera, "Woe is me" isn't needed.  Christ, if I needed a pen-pal, i would find an old "Rolling Stone" and find the page of incarcerated Dead heads and off I'd go.
Explicit "good-byes" aren't going to change anything, i doubt sleep is lost over those who will now abstain from daily entrees.
I'm cruched...........see ya and now, what about the impending Spring dates.............

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