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Posted by Graham Shanks on 01/24/02 - 10:15:01
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At the risk of making this sound like a Graham/Adrian mutual appreciation society:

I've already said that I'd be interested but was concerned about the European fans being short changed in comparison to "Domestic" (won't go into non-PC generic terms) fans.

More European dates would definitely be appreciated, not too sure I could give a flying f*ck about laminates but what about this as a suggestion (along the lines of the East/West coast get togethers):

when you do get to the east of the big pond how about joining up with the fans before hand (ok, may not help the performance) but from the London meet up in 2000 (2 different venues - one for the long distance travellers/those with the day off work, and one for everyone - almost next door to the venue) and the meeting in lieu of a gig just before last Christmas, I know that we can organise a good get together and that there'd be a good time had by all.

Anyway sign me up as an interested party.


Graham Shanks

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