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Posted by Aloha Ben on 01/24/02 - 10:03:26
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Two separate  notes, please????

1. I have need of your starship, i.e. photos, drawings, multi-angle views etc...a co-worker abd I will be attempting some white sugar, pastillage stuff....who knows??? if it works you'll see it at the party.

2. In you CLUB thing...I generally allow myself to spend a hundred-two hundred a month on's the the cash's not impossible.
I liked Ethel's quest for a mission statement- although mission statement/ missiom shatement...damn it's only $ 50,000. all told. Is that aiming high enough?

I'd probably pay the $ 100 if I walkled into a store anf found BVT&CN in a nice package with the Perro sessions. so that's not bad.

Down Note....we've been patiently waiting 364 days for the bazarr by the city gates to open...logo still says 'coming soon' ...i'd be pissed if you had my cnote abd i still waited another 364 days for stuff to come.

ALSO>>>One of the swag items for the club ought to be a hang around he neck " BOARDING PASS " w photo.

aloha Ben

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