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Posted by Matt on 01/24/02 - 07:51:52
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   I was driving up in the Catskills last weekend during a weekend of beautiful sno-shoeing in the winter mountains, and i hear a killer advertisment on the radio " j s at the Paramount in Middletown- 35 anniversary of Surrealistic Pillow"-with blaring  js music in the backround.
My first reaction to this advertisment was " I'M THERE!" It reminded me of my teen years when they use to always advertise great concerts on the radio with music in the backround for shows at places like the Capitol Theatre in Passaic NJ, and other old venues in the tri-state area. Jon Sher and some other promoters use to put together some great radio advertisments for their shows, you dont get this much anymore. This should be a great show!!

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