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Posted by scot on 01/24/02 - 01:40:15
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I'm sorry....but this just sounds
too far-fetched and ridiculous.
For $100 we finally get PERRO
and other exclusive goodies? I've
been spending money for JS concert
tickets since they reformed back in 1992
and have bought every cd release as well
including the reissues. I enjoy their live
shows alot...and I've met Paul, Jack, and
Marty as well...I don't feel the need to
spend on a fee to become an "elite" fan!
I've been a loyal fan.
The reformed Starship was supposed to be
all about the music...Paul himself proclaiming
"we're not rock stars anymore, we're musicians".
But once again...The Starship sells out!
I think I'm done with A-Deck. This has
gotten boring. But don't worry...there are
enough Anti-Mickey-80's fans here to kiss up
and pay this outrageous fee. This makes
Jefferson Starship look desperate!
So much for lookign forward to PERRO since
I won't be part of the "elite" 500.


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