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Posted by Eth/Ray on 01/24/02 - 01:35:09
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Regardless of what you think--there is a value in reducing your ideas to the bare essentials.

That isolated capsule is beneficial to me, if to noone else, but it's not really what I was talking about.  I can read as well as you can.

But certainly we support this band, entirely.

The suggestion I gave you should not be devalued.
Likewise, you did not carry out the exercise.
But it matters not a hair.  

Just as you all have had experiences outside some of ours---we all have had experiences outside of yours. To bad the response is kind of an irritated little dis. (why doesn't this chick
give up on it, give it a rest)is the feeling.

Actually, even that reduction was beneficial.
'Specially the closer---that's where you were gettin' closer-----to what I mean't.  Eth

Even though I am annoyed with your less than polite response--I will be in touch with you by Email NOW.

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