It's a floor wax ... it's a desert topping ... it's a floor wax ...

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Posted by Mission Control on 01/24/02 - 01:07:05
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... it's a desert topping.  Gimme a break PLEEEEZE!
I put my heart, soul & mind into a topical, educational (Harrison's clocks), expositional essay on THE SOCIETY ... did you read it?  If it was  snake, it would've bit you.

So - to recap:  You send $100 for membership dues.  You get a laminate (free access to shows) ... you get CDs of such rare & coveted material, the joy that accompanies should be that of a class 4 controlled substance ... the legendary PERRO sessions ... the out of print 1983 RCA PERRO ... Paul's PERRO novel, personally autographed, a fan club only get together ... & that's just off the top of my head.  The nominal profit we derive from your dues, subtracting the costs of manufacturing the swag, will go to promote the band.  The record industry is dead ... unless you like boy bands, Britney, hip-hop ... some say rock is dead.  Either way, we're goin' our own way.  Care to join us?  

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