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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 01/23/02 - 23:33:10
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Last August I posted this and it just seems relevant now.

Today you wrote:
The confluence of ART & COMMERCE often leads to bad feelings.  "Where is the money going?"

ON Aug 16, under Jefferson Wheelchair:
As for corporate sponsorship of tours etc.. Given the enormous cost to stage some concert productions. Having a corporate sponsor makes sense to share cost of transportation, production setup, etc.. The fans get to hear the music, the band makes money, and the sponsor gets branding recognition from their presence. The latest example is Aerosmith. Their current stage has the
Dodge Ram Truck logo onstage with the Areosmith logo. I didn't have a problem with it because it did not interfere with the music. A large number of people think bands only play music. But they are also savvy business people who are entrepreneurs. Granted some bands have a long
history of poor business decisions, bad managers, accountants, lawyers, etc.. But if they were negligent for failing to monitor the business affairs of their music, that is their problem. If anyone is naive to think the members of the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, and any other artist is
anti-corporate, they are living in a dream world. They have investment advisors, accountants, and lawyers to assist in the management of their
business affairs. A band having a corporate sponsor makes good business sense. A musician who uses an investment advisor, accountant, and lawyer is a good businessman.

I think people forget that this site cost money to keep it up and running.  Your going to try a Chat Room.  This isn't free.  Your either going to have to use a bolt-on and modify the application or build it from scratch -- again more money.  Charging a membership fee to bear some of the cost is a wise business strategy and a worthwhile experiment.  How thin or fat the profit margin is not the business of any fans.  We should all want it to succeed!  The benefits of a signed CD collection and book is worth the cost of membership alone.  Paul and company making themselves available to A-Deck on the East and West Coast will give fan and performer to associate the HTML text name with the real person.  Human contact wasn't that a subject in Connection"?  

I have always admired people who went into business for themselves and made it happen.  As controversial as the Jefferson Airplane was they completely embraced the "American Dream."  They had a vision of what they wanted, they went for it, and they succeeded big time!  On one level the Jefferson Airplane & Family has something in common with likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Bill Gates.  They had a vision, they went for it, and they were not afraid to fail.  

And how many of our favorite albums came out of Grunt Records?  OK, not everything was a stellar success when you look at releases by Jack Traylor, One, Jack Bonus, Black Kangaroo, and the greatest Grunt Masterpiece of the 20th Century, Richmond Talbot's Gettin' Plenty.  Sometimes you have to take a chance and fail to come back stronger and better than when you first started out.  

I understand that for some people they may want to join but cannot.  How that is going to be handled is not mine or anyone else's business except for them and how you and Paul want to address it.  For those who can afford it and protest that they want the same benefits as those who paid for it.  All I can say is that either they are lazy or have built a life of being codependent on other people to support them.

Writing from the HOTSEAT under heavy artillery fire ... kevin r schmidt BOOM BOOOM BOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!

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