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Posted by Terry on 01/23/02 - 23:08:10
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Paul and Webmaster:

I think some of us are playing Devil's Advocate here--posing the tough questions, exchanging opinions, brainstorming on this topic.

Sort of like a democracy...4th estate an' all... you guys can see what kinds of issues, concerns we might have about this adventurous proposal...

None of us have come this far ... from the Wooden Ships tour in '91/92, through the Darby years, and into the new millenium... whenever we boarded the give up now.  Hell, it's not often when you see your favorite band get progressively better, which the present Jefferson Starship has been doing this past decade!

Good wishes from

Demographically Undesireable (on FM, anyway)

Terry in Virginia (and formerly of S.F.)

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