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Posted by Mission Control on 01/23/02 - 22:20:12
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Fellow Travelers:
    I wish to share a musical/spiritual tidbit with y'all.  Link to www.allthingsmustpass.com, the late George Harrison's official website, which has been dormant (sitting shiva) since 11-3-01.
    The new single of "All Things Must Pass" streams at you 3 times, whilst a collage of George's photographs morph & swirl.  Note:  The single was actually included in last year's box re-release (I like the original better, but I'll take ANYTHING from "The Quiet Beatle").
    Note:  You MUST allow the song/images to cycle through (takes about 10 minutes ... great for meditation ... even at one's desk).  There are some visual surprises ... & a real treat for those who stick it out 'til the end.  God Bless George!

    Speaking of BEATLES - I'm a bit surprised NO A-Deckers posted reviews of our own Slick Aguilar's performances in "Beatlejam," Jan. 17-20.
Reviews abound at www.bluefloyd.com & www.beatlejam.com.  Slick was terrific by the way!

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