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Posted by rusty on 01/23/02 - 21:27:05
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sure im going to join the society,it only costs 1/3 of the tax refund geo the shrub sent me. (although after all these years i could become a free marketeer and invest it;maybe in k-mart or enron) by the way isaw one of the posts said something about Captain High and it brought to mind an anecdote about the jefferson starcraft circa the time of the release of dragonfly.  The band was playing at the state university at stony brook,LI,NY. I was at the time sharing a house with a good friend of one of the dj's at the radio station and he was able to get us front row seats. I had with me an official US army name tag,the kind that is pinned to a dress uniform .  the name tag said HIGH. a good friend of mine had gotten it for me when he was in the army in '69.  I tossed it on the stage. David Frieberg,who was with the band at the time noticed it and appeared to chuckle. Grace actually asked whose it was and tried to return it between songs but i told her it was for PK.  Hey PK,do you remember? If you do,I guess what you were smoking wasn't as good as we thought.  please excuse me if this post is a bit dis-jointed,but so am I (does abstinence really make the head grow fonder?  

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