.Can NOT work with anonymity--hope you understand why

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Posted by Ethel on 01/23/02 - 19:59:56
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But how will I know if I am SEEING you?  Even in the 'society'.  A prankster would be something
of a relief, after all this board has been through lately.   We had some fun with W7.

But I think the comment that may have goteen to you was made by Ray----sorry if that's true---
but I was losing sleep over SOMETHING about it!!!!
Can't even remember.  Your probably smarter than most---just staying under wraps.

You are RIGHT---I am the opposite.  I'm learning NOT to tell all---but it's kind of my nature---PLUS I have a purpose it!!!!!


And I believe you MAY know very well why I would feel manipulated.  And if NOT, HERE'S why: IF this is you KEVIN, I'm sure your laughing hard, and sicker than I thought.

Therefore, I will not post to you again W7, or any other suspected pdeudonym of yours.  Sorry,
BUT because of this possibilty, You will not hear from me again.

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