Costs - too much, or a good bargain?

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Posted by Adrian on 01/23/02 - 19:44:09
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When I first saw the initial message, I was in two minds about if I could afford to be part of such an interesting idea. I know that Graham knows how my financial situation at the moment isn't the best (six years of continuous unemployment can be a real bummer!). However, when I sat down and thought it through, I realised that $100, at the current exchange rates, works out at about 70, or just over 1 per week! Once I realised that, I knew that even I can afford the cost, so I didn't hesitate to register my interest (just hope I was in time!!).

Hell, given how long I've been waiting to see it, I'd be more than willing to pay $100 for a copy of the PERRO book alone!!!! Throw in the other stuff that's been mentioned, and you really can't lose.

However, I do agree with what Graham said about how any European members could end up feeling a little "short-changed" over some of the benefits. I know getting everyone over to Europe isn't cheap, but how about making sure that you do more than just a couple of dates here each time? That way, us Euro members could feel like we were also getting our money's worth from this.



Just an idea, but how about a limited reprint of the Nicaraguan Diary? A lot of us missed out on that the first time around, and I for one would love a copy!

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